What is the role of museums in educational change?

Museum Questions

Notebooks distributed at InterActivity 2016 Notebooks distributed at InterActivity 2016

Last week I attended «InterActivity,» the annual conference of the Association of Children’s Museum (ACM). This was my first ACM conference, and I learned a great deal from presenters and colleagues. I was impressed by the organization of the conference, ACM staff’s attention to the needs of each conference attendee, and the challenging questions posed by ACM Executive Director Laura Huerta Migus.

The theme of this year’s conference was «Collective Impact,» and included a 7-hour experience entitled «Collective Impact Live!» Collective Impact Live included a session at Norwalk City Hall, followed by a visit to the conference host museum, Stepping Stones Museum for Children, which has been actively working with its community on a citywide project using the collective impact model.

The session at Norwalk City Hall was entitled «A Special Town Meeting: Children’s Museums and the Achievement Gap.» This session attempted to teach ACM members…

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